ReCircle Matter 

ReCircle Matter became our name based upon a simple philosophy we live by.... Everything in the universe travels in circles, in circles, and in circles.  Everything you put into the world, be it energy, creativity, hard work, suffering, and even simply thoughts and intentions... all circle through the universe and return.  Each may return a bit different.... changed.... sometimes a bit hard to recognize but they always hold a part of their original matter.  We believe the same about art. We are a couple living in California, making our art from our workshop in Long Beach.  We believe in individuality, both thinking and living "outside the box".  We are packrats, we like to find treasures.  We look for material everywhere we go, between the beaches, the mountains, the city streets, the alleys, anywhere our travels take us.  We have a vision in things people find no use for.  We believe art can capture time, and release it again.  Our projects often start with random objects and recycled materials and become works of art.  You may not always recognize the original .... yet some are so simple they still have a journey of circling to do.  This is ReCircle Matter.